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Cabbages @ Quilt Market

May 15, 2011

Northcote Range to debut at Quilt Market 2011

We are thrilled to launch our new fabric line, The Northcote Range, with MODA at the Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, UT this week.

  It has been wonderful to meet all the lovely shop owners, and to see so much creativity at the show.

As soon as our feet touch the ground we promise to post our photographs

 and tell you about

the most amazing world of quilting.


Written from a hotel computer so we can’t upload any of our pictures 😦 




February 17, 2011

Our Paris Trip

Very early one morning last week, Christina, Linda and I (Jackie) arrived at one of London’s most beautiful train stations, St.Pancras. We were there to catch a train to Paris’ Gare Du Nord, where we were to spend 3 days “inspiration hunting” (shopping!!).

We stayed in a lovely hotel, called the Hotel Design Sorbonne. It was small, but perfectly formed right opposite the stunning Sorbonne University. Here is the view from my room window.

We saw lovely fabrics.

Inspirational architecture.

And even caught a glimpse of the famous Eiffel Tower from a taxi window (have to look hard!)

Christina used lunch times at Les Deux Magots to gather her thoughts and begin to design SS12.

I used the time to take photos…like a proper tourist.

We ended our final day at one of our favourite shops, Merci, in the arty district of the Marais. They have this wonderful car outside.

All in all, it was a lovely trip which left us all full of exciting ideas for the next season.



January 20, 2011

Spring Summer 2011 Sneak Peek

It’s the time of year when we start to think about the spring.


What better way to start day dreaming about longer days and sunny picnics than to have a quick peek behind the scenes of the Cabbages & Roses’ spring summer 11 shoot…….

It was shot in the most idyllic spot imaginable

And Linda even managed to squeeze in a spot of fishing

Though the October weather was freezing, our models did a brilliant job at braving the cold, most of the time…

And Toby did a sterling job at creating the dream like images that will be launching our new collection very soon…. on our brand new website and in our seasonal catalogue.

We produce limited numbers of our printed catalogue, so please let us know if you would like to recieve one.


Or you can sign up to our

mailing list

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January 18, 2011

Antique fairs are a necessity to keep the stores nicely suited with unique and one of a kind furniture, and accessories.  This week we visited a normally enormous fair, but the desolate weather had kept a few fair weather friends at bay: We had a great time but got stuck in the mud!  We thought it would be amusing to show you the lengths we go to to keep the stores looking lovely……..

(hint – turn your volume up!)



December 30, 2010

An inside look at Cabbages & Roses Avery Row


C & R

December 16, 2010

(Click on image to enlarge)



June 11, 2010

Thank you




for including At Home with Country in her Good Summer Reading list.

Love your television and movie houses, such a neat idea!

Thanks again Julia



June 8, 2010

Meet the rest of the Cabbages & Roses team!

Jackie Borland

1. How long Have your worked at C&R? And, what position do you hold? After 10 months earning my stripes in the C&R shops I moved to HO (Home Office) to become a production assistant/ Bubbles 5 months ago.
2. Why did you join C&R? I happened to be passing the shop in Wandsworth, took a part time job and have never looked back.
3. What is your favorite part about being on the C&R team? No two days are ever the same.
4. Your favorite piece of the Spring/Summer line? I am in love with the floral linen Bea Coat, just need to see if the bank balance will allow for it!

5. Best place to:

  • Buy vintage – Charity shops in up market areas, particularly I love the British Red Cross shop on Old Church Street, London, Chelsea, SW3.
  • Eat out…I love J Sheekeys in Wyndam Square just behind Leicester Square tube station. It does the most amazing fish and is always full of thespian theatre types.
  • Let off steam… there’s nothing I like more than a sunny Sunday afternoon in my local pub, with close friends and a good Sunday roast…Bliss!
  • Shop…If I can bear to battle my way through the crowds, you can’t beat Oxford Circus. Everything is in one place.

6. One thing we don’t know about C&R – it is run as a complete democracy, everyone is allowed input and every opinion valued and considered, which is absolutely lovely.

Sabine Kokles

1. How long have your worked at C&R? And, what position do you hold? Directly to C&R Nov 2007 (worked for C&R since April 2006 through Jigsaw)   Merchandising/stock control guru, master of all figures

2. Why did you join C&R? Still asking me the same question
3. Your favorite part about being on the C&R team? Every day is different, atmosphere and these lovely strange people working here
4. Your favorite piece of the Spring/Summer line?  Can’t pick, too many nice pieces

5. Best place to:

  • Eat out : too busy being a yummy mummy
  • Let off steam : I am as chilled as strawberry ice cream
  • Shop: I think I used to do this in the past.

Linda Cordona

1. How long have you worked at C&R?  And, what is your position? Freezin huddled over a radiator – Production / Product development Manager / 4 years in April @ 9:27am.
2. Why did you join C&R? Had no choice the pull was too great!!
3. What is your favorite part about being on the C&R team? Seeing the envy on others people’s faces
4. What is your favorite piece of the Spring/Summer line? Anything that sells well but if I had to choose I’d say the Sandy Frill jacket.  The Carpenter Pant is an achievment as it limped into the collection a little confused but once we worked on it ‘Cabbaging’ it now has attitude and good sales.

5. Best place to:

  • Buy vintage- My wardrobe in the area marked “just in case these come back in fashion’
  • Eat out – My kitchen
  • Let off steam – Sand a door
  • Shop – Ripley Farmers Market, any antique fair

Amy Gibbons

1. How long have your work at C&R?  And what is your position? Current position – sitting behind desk in fabric corner.  Not even completely sure of my job title but I more or less manage Home, Fabrics, Antiques and Display.
Been at cabbages for about 6 years and done almost every job going

2. Why did you join C&R? Started off in the Langton street branch as a sales assistant.  I loved the company from the moment I stepped into the shop and was desperate to work in the shop-come-living room and remember being thrilled after my first day – esp after meeting Kate’s naughty, oversized rabbit called Bungey who was chilling out downstairs, munching through phone lines etc.

3. What is your favorite part about being on the C&R team? That it feels like one big family of slightly strange women that keeps evolving and becoming better and better.

4. What is your favorite piece of the Spring/Summer line?
Baggy jeans and stripe top I am wearing in the catalogue (what I show-off I know!)

5. Best place to:

  • Best place to buy vintage – Kempton Market – But remember your torch, warm shoes and ability to haggle your socks off.
  • Best place to let off steam – Playing Badminton of course!
  • Best place to shop after Cabbages & Roses – probably Gap as I find there plain basics often sit well with Cabbages..

6. One thing we don’t know about C&R?
We once had an office puppy called Walter..he now lives with Christina in Bath when he grew out of Sabine’s In Tray..
He is the chap in most of the shoots that looks like a cross between a corgi/fox/jack russel.  He is a bit of a show off..
I miss him.

Sophie Marsh

1. How long have you worked at C&R?  And, what is your position? Trade & interior design manager, 2 years this summer
2. Why did you join C&R? I came across it entirely randomly and spent a long time persuading them to let me in
3. What is your favorite part about being on the C&R team? there’s so few of us that everyone does a bit of everything to make it work which makes it constantly unpredictable
4. Your favorite piece of the Spring/Summer line? stone wash stripe dress

5. Best place to:

  • Shop: I don’t very much, but brick lane or ebay mostly

6. One thing we don’t know about C&R: there is almost always someone in the office eating pitta bread and humous

April 29, 2010

Thank You


for the lovely post about Cabbages & Roses.  We really appreciate it.  Your blog is beautiful!

April 27, 2010

Thank You


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for highlighting Christina’s Fifth book, At Home with Country published by CICO Books.