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January 27, 2011

Thank You

for an sweet review of

At Home with Country

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December 24, 2010


Head over to Pretties and Poises for a great review of Christina’s  book on green housekeeping and share your own eco-friendly methods to maintaining a clean home.

Who knows, your tips might even even win you some goodies.

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C & R

Tent – Craft

September 8, 2010


As the summer draws to a close we thought it  fun to share a craft for an adventurous child (or a child at heart) who wants to play “camping” in the garden.  One last hurrah for the little ones before schools starts!  Straight out of Christina’s Vintage Crafts book, a simple idea that creates fun childhood memories.

Child’s Play Tent


  • approx. 2 x 4 yds (2 x 4 m) of heavy canvas fabric
  • four 12 x 9 in. (30 x 23 cm) pieces of contrasting heavy
  • canvas for pockets
  • sewing machine
  • matching thread
  • strong string or washing line
  • 4 bricks or other objects

Step 1.

Make a single miter at each corner of the tent fabric and hem all around.

Step 2.

Miter the corners of the four pieces of fabric for the pockets and hem them all.

Step 3.

Stitch one pocket to each corner of the outside of the tent, so that a brick or heavy object sits on it long side on the ground.

Step 4.

Tie the string or washing line around the two trees or strong supports at a height of about 4 ½ ft (1.4 m). Throw the canvas fabric over the string. Place a brick or other heavy object in each pocket to weight the sides down to the ground. Always supervise children when they play.

To take a closer look at the Cabbages & Roses fabrics used in the project please click on this link.  We hope you enjoy the project, and we welcome your feedback.



Sofa so Good

August 28, 2010

Kate (Christina’s daughter and C&R business development) has been moving house recently and decided that the huge blue sofa we have been storing in our warehouse would be prefect for her new living room. We all jumped to our feet to join in and help move it. None of us could have known it would take 6 women to move through the warehouse’s narrow walk way, negotiating around other pieces of furniture and general warehouse junk. Finally once out of the warehouse it was a matter of getting it round the corner.

See below for our obvious debate over size and weight.

After some deliberation, we left the sofa where it was to be collected and relaxed for a moment with an ice lollie or two.



June 8, 2010

Thank You



for the wonderful post about Christina’s new book!

Check out Rhonda blog Southern Hospitality, so gorgeous!


May 25, 2010

Thank You


for the lovely post about Christina’s new book, At Home with Country, by CICO books.

May 10, 2010

I have a brand new obsession to add to my already extensive list of obsessions which include, checking my i phone for e mails, finding sources of power to charge my i phone, the pigeons willfully destroying my seedlings, British politics, avoiding using my car, what can I eat next ….and on and on it goes.   My new obsession is checking sales of Cabbages & Roses books on Amazon, something that until a week ago, I had no idea was possible.   Our third book ‘Home Made Vintage‘ is number 60 in the top 100 books of its category (#25 in the US) and it has been there 232 days!   It is number 2,245 in books which I presume is all books??  To put this into perspective our first book is number 142,548!!   These statistics are reviewed hourly, which is an excellent distraction/obsession encourager.
The point, I think, of this endless list, is to avoid what is now becoming a pressing and worrying job, designing Cabbages & Roses collection for Spring Summer 2011.    I have started and ‘Calcutta’ (a mezzanine glass box within our lovely white barn affectionately called Calcutta because of the extreme heat in the summer months) is beginning to be furnished with drawings of the collection, jersey wear is up there, along with a tiny bit of knitwear and several woven designs – it is nearly lovely but a long way from being complete, patterns are being made, sample fabrics are awaiting beautiful shapes, and the empty boards are awaiting designs.   Sadly though, my head is crammed full of meaningless distractions and leaves no room for being creative……
The next two weeks are deliciously full of important distractions, The House & Garden Spirit of Summer Fair is taking place at Olympia in London, (see our website for details) we have a lovely space where we will be selling our collections – this takes us to Saturday, when Kate and I shall be flying to New York to fulfill many business commitments organised by our Lovely Suzie at Branding inc. culminating in a book signing party at ArchiviaBooks (933 Lexington Ave b/w 72 and 71 street) on Thursday night.
I am hoping that the eight hour flight will encourage me to concentrate on designing, where I can bannish all thoughts of pigeons, who will be our next Prime Minister, how to charge my i phone, but I have just thought of another – will that Icelandic volcano decide to fill the airspace with a million tons of ash???   I had better check……….