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Cabbages & Roses  – Living Life Beautifully

Cabbages & Roses has been organically created. It has evolved slowly and rests upon strong foundations. We believe that you must start small so you are able to understand all elements of the business. After 10 years of evolving, we have created a company that is able to cope with the growing demands of customers and our expanding business.”   – Christina Strutt

April 2010 marked the 10th anniversary of Cabbages & Roses, one of Europe’s beloved classic fashion and home brands. Synonymous with English country, Cabbages & Roses’ beautiful lines are favorites of celebrities and discerning customers alike. With signature refined rustic style, Cabbages & Roses’ adds comfort, function and quality to homes and wardrobes throughout Europe.

Cabbages & Roses continues its steady and strategic expansion at retail, now encompassing 3 flagship stores in London, on Northcote Road, Langton Street and Avery Row, and over 23 concept shops inside Jigsaw stores throughout the United Kingdom. International demand for the products is being met with expansion into Japan and the United States, where Cabbages and Roses At Home With Country, the fifth book in the successful publishing program, debuted in March (April in the UK) 2010.

Since its inception, led by the creative vision of founder Christina Strutt, Cabbages & Roses has evolved around 5 core values that today remain true in every aspect of the business.

Beauty – Every product produced must be integrally beautiful. Practicality and functionality are a part of what we believe is beautiful.

Simplicity – Every product performs a function. We design with comfort and aesthetic in mind.

Longevity – Our hand-made products are created to last. They are not made with temporal fashion in mind; they are made with beauty and functionality as a priority. Cabbages & Roses is not a disposable brand.

Integrity – Good quality, from design to craft is important to the brand. This is rooted in the hand-made quality of the product.

Sustainability – Through the whole ethos of Cabbages & Roses, it is important not to waste precious resources or to harm our earth, be it from creating items that can be handed down for generations, to printing with Oeko Tex approved methods on the majority of our own brand fabrics.

Cabbages & Roses’ loyal customers value the brand’s style, elegance, quality and enduring simplicity and comfort; these have been the guiding principles of the company, and will continue to lead it forward into the future.

8 Responses to “Company Overview”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I live in beautiful Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I travel to York to buy my C&R goods but really believe that Harrogate has an affinity with your beautiful brand…. so I do hope you might think about coming here. My Harrogate girlfriends always comment when I wear your cloths so I know you would fit like a glove. I am currently leafing through your guide to natural housekeeping and will be purchasing bicarb at my earliest opportunity. (I already have dolly pegs and a washing line so feel suitably happy about that.) Bye for now. Melanie.

    • cabbagesandroses Says:

      Hi Melanie

      Thank your for visiting our blog. We are always considering new locations so we will take a closer look at Harrogate for a future store. Thank you too for you kind comments about the company and book. It is wonderful women like yourself that have helped us build the Cabbages and Roses brand to what it is today.


    • branding, inc. Says:

      Hi Melanie,

      We’re so excited to have our very first giveaway, which we just posted. If you have a moment please check it out.


  2. br*og – a blog about branding » Blog Archive Says:

    […] updates about Cabbages & Roses and much more.  Followers can also read an overview of the company’s history and Christina’s biography.  A publishing link also gives readers the list of the books […]

  3. Caro Says:

    I also live in harrogate and agree completely. We have some fabulous shops but I would love C&R to come to us. I think it would fit very well.



  4. mel Says:

    Hi Caro,

    We used to have a Jigsaw shop who stocked C&R in Dublin, it however closed in 2008. Would C&R think baout opening a small stand alone shop in DUBLIN, IT WOULD BE VERY WARMLY WELCOMED!!!!!


  5. Says:

    Beautiful stuff!
    Have you thought opening a shop in Spain?

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