Christina’s distinguished fashion and home décor brand Cabbages & Roses sells to discriminating clients throughout the UK and Europe. A boutique brand with a signature “refined rustic” look and feel, Cabbages & Roses counts fashionistas and celebrities alike as faithful brand devotees, and has 26 retail locations throughout the United Kingdom. The fifth Cabbages and Roses book was published in March of 2010, and heralds the brand’s expansion into international markets and continued acclaim.

Born in 1954 and raised in London, Christina was educated at various convents until she eventually managed to escape as she turned 16 and embark on real life.  Prior to Cabbages and Roses, Christina had only ever been employed by two establishments – the first, the eminent London department store, Fortnum & Mason, where she sold chocolates and the second, Vogue magazine, where she inadvertently climbed the career ladder from secretary to assistant Vogue Living editor, until choosing to leave the company in 1980 to marry.

Her career continued with freelance styling and interior decorating whilst  living in the beautiful English countryside and raising her two children, Kate and Edward. Her love for country living soon translated into a new career.

Cabbages & Roses was born in 2000, with the help of friend and colleague from Vogue, Brigette Buchanan.  When Brigette left the company in 2001, Christina continued on her own, and the mail order business continued to grow at a rapid clip.

Over the course of the next five years, Christina’s Cabbages & Roses expanded and its bi-annual collection of clothing is now selling in 23 Jigsaw stores across England.  September 2009 marked the opening of 5 larger concept shops inside Jigsaw stores, each of which features the Home collection for the first time.  At the same time another Cabbages & Roses lifestyle store debuted in London’s Northcote Road to great acclaim.

Christina has written four highly successful Cabbages & Roses signature books since starting the company.  2008 saw the publication of Cabbages & Roses Guide to Natural Housekeeping, which sold over 55,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages.  Cabbages & Roses at Home, which Christina co-authored with her daughter Kate,  released in March 2010 and for the first time incorporates locations from both the USA and the UK, reflecting the brand’s growing international appeal.

April 2010 marked the 10th anniversary of Cabbages & Roses, as the brand expands into the retail markets of North America and Asia. Public awareness and the constant press coverage of the brand hit another high note in February when, Cabbages & Roses was short listed for Retailer of the Year with Homes & Gardens magazine. The publication of Cabbages and Roses At Home With Country was a landmark event for the brand, and for Christina, as she continues to create the signature look and feel that has become the trademark style of Cabbages and Roses.

10 Responses to “Bio”

  1. my happy place: cabbages and roses | Skipbox Blog Says:

    […] frocks, but feel as if lately i have have been happily stuck in the homeware section.  christina, the genius behind the brand, has perfected the concept of stylish country […]

  2. Antoinette Bullough Says:

    Hi Christina, Aloha from Hawaii !! I’m looking to get your book and see all the wonderful pics. I love nesting, cooking and my sacred space !! The gardens becon all the time and my wonderful cabinetmaker husband makes lovely cottage furniture. Are you on facebook, I love your blog too. Aloha, Antoinette, Tea Mistress

    • cabbagesandroses Says:

      Hi Antoinette

      Its so wonderful to hear from you, and we hope you enjoy Christina’s newest book. Thank you for your kinds words about C&R. We aren’t currently on Facebook, we have our hands full with the blog and Twitter. Your Hawaiian cottage is wonderful, and such a luscious retreat. It must be wonderful to live in Hawaii.

      Thank you for visiting and come back soon.
      Best C&R

    • branding, inc. Says:

      Hi Antoinette,
      We’re so excited to have our very first giveaway, which we just posted. If you have a moment please check it out.


  3. Beckie Page Says:

    Hi Christina!
    Hello from rural Maine. I am a cottage fanatic. Recently bought a small home in the countryside, and am planting lots of lavender for a lavender farm, and intend to decorate from your latest book I recently purchased. Thank you for your ideas…..I love them and the fabrics. Wish I could visit a store, but afraid I will never get to England. Will you ever open a store here in the states? You would be an instant hit!
    Beckie of Lavender

    • cabbagesandroses Says:

      Hi Beckie

      How fabulous! Your new home sounds dreamy, and the thought of a lavender farm is simply divine. Please send us pictures as you decorate your home, we would love to see them. We do have plans to come to the U.S, early stages but its so lovely to know we already have fans.


  4. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  5. milena Says:

    Would you please tell me if you’are going to expand in Italy?? What about Milano? I really would like to buy your adorable clothes! Thank you

  6. the big move « Says:

    […] a beautiful huge work space for Christina to work her […]

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