Cabbages & Roses visits the MODA Country Fair

It was with great pleasure that Cabbages & Roses were invited to participate in the Moda ‘blog tour’. Christina was invited to take part in the question and answer section of this world wide journey. We would like to thank Cheryl and Lissa for their interesting questions, and Christina for her interesting answers!

What’s your favorite fair food? If not fair, then just food!

The delicious roasted almonds.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Delicious roasted almonds.

What’s on your bucket list?

To paint a picture in oils.

To cross Russia in the Winter on the trans Siberian express.

To own a house overlooking the sea—any sea.

To produce a book about the life of Cabbages & Roses.

What inspires your work?

 Beautiful houses

Beautiful clothes.

The Countryside.
The past.

Women—Especially those who appreciate our style.

Tell us about the time you entered in a fair…

Our only fair is the Moda fair. Kate—my daughter—and I felt like new girls-inexperienced and rather nervous. We were overwhelmed by the scale of the exhibition but immediately, the lovely exhibitors and all the Moda staff very soon made us feel welcome and very special.

State Fairs have become known for what they can FRY?  What would you fry?

Nothing, if I can help it.

What movie do you watch again & again?

The Railway Children, Home Alone 1, Little Women, 39 Steps, The Gathering Storm, The Duchess.

Who would play you in a made for TV Lifetime movie?

Whoopie Goldberg.

What’s on your nightstand?

Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie, a copy of my first book ‘Vintage Chic’ newly published, a vase of sweet peas, a large wireless, Vintage china candle holder and matches (in case of power cut), lavender essence and old book of prayers.

Do you sing when no one else is listening? If so, what is the song or artist?

Yes—anything with a tune.

Tell us about your pet?

Walter Gilbert Strutt—A Jack Russell who looks like a cross between a fox and a Corgie. He was given to me by a customer and is wholly delightful, gentle, loving, and rather ugly.

What do you wish people would ask about you more?


How many quilts have you made?

Not one.

If you could be any age again for one week, what age & why?

56 and three quarters – I can’t think of a better time in my life (so far)

What shows do you TiVo?

I have no idea what TiVo is so I don’t TiVo any shows.

Are you related to anyone famous? Or infamous?

Pope Paul III who was born Alessandro Farnese in 1474, became Pope in 1534 until 1549. Unfortunately, he employed Nepotism to advance the power and fortunes of his family. Sadly, his palace and the power and fortunes of the family did not last the next six generations so all we have left is history.  

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at the age of 12, what would it be & why?

Trust your instinct – it is there for a reason.

What question would you liked to be asked?

May I give you a lovely house overlooking the sea, health, wealth and happiness for as long as you live?

Oh yes, please do.


Our Giveaway

Cabbages & Roses are giving away 2 ‘fat quarter bundles’ (for those not in the know, these are delicious pre cut and beautifully wrapped bundles of quilting fabric) from our Northcote range of fabric.

All you need to do is leave a comment here on our blog, the winner will be randomly chosen, and announced on Wednesday 28th September – don’t forget to check the blog to see if it is you!

Please visit Deb tomorrow for her day on the MODA blog tour.

xx C&R

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414 Responses to “Cabbages & Roses visits the MODA Country Fair”

  1. Linda Says:

    I particularly love the photo of the steps with your planting gear! L

  2. Susan Says:

    Yes please random generator please pick me…Christina, I have adored your books since book one, and I am so happy to be able to order from your shop now, how wonderful it is to have you in our lives of quilting from across the big pond….Susan

  3. Marge Says:

    Those fabrics look beautiful. I’d like a closer look at them. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  4. Joanne L. Says:

    loved your responses…and especially what was on your nightstand!
    would love to win your fabrics!!

  5. Axelle Says:

    What a lovely idea all those questions… We know now a bit more about Christina but yet nothing about TiVo ! ;0)

  6. Lynn Says:

    I really enjoyed looking through your blog, such beautiful things that you have. Thanks for participating in the fair!

  7. Kellie Coleman Says:

    Love your fabric and can’t wait to do a quilt with it.

  8. Michelle Says:

    Never been first to add a comment. Had been looking out for your post and love your honest comments.

    Thank you for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabrics.

  9. Perri Says:

    … yummy Northcote Range …what a lovely giveaway … Oh, what yummy projects I could make from this bundle 🙂
    Happy stitching, P

  10. Moira Callan Says:

    just found your blog recently, and can’t believe I missed it on the web, it is truly lovely. Thank you for all your lovely pictures, and interesting info, makes me want to totally redo my house. M.Callan.

  11. Cherie Says:

    I just looked at your retail website. So lovely. I wish I were in the UK or Tokyo so I could visit one of your stores in person.

  12. Diana Johannesen Says:

    Random questions….lovely answers
    Unique pictures…..Stirs the imagination
    Great Giveaway….Priceless.

    Thanks for sharing this morning…love it.

  13. createdbycaryn Says:

    Your fabric is lovely – thanks for participating in the fair!

  14. Melisa Says:

    What a delightful little shop! So fun to learn about all of the designers. Thanks for sharing!

  15. lauraluvsloons Says:

    I loved reading your blog. I’d love to visit your shop in Japan! Maybe on my way to visit New Zealand. That’s a long trip from NH in the USA but on my travel bucket list.

  16. Rebecca S. Says:

    Mmmm…roasted almonds. I am certain that those would go perfectly with a house by the sea.

  17. bks72946 Says:

    I love the fabric. Roses, especially the big, floppy ones are my favorite flowers. Mine are beautiful right now with the cooler weather that we are finally having here. I would love to win some of your beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance!

  18. Lee Ann L. Says:

    This is essentially my first visit here. Thank you for participating in the blog hop. I will be following you for awhile because from what I’ve seen, it is really neat.

    PS If I am picked as a winner, please redraw the winner as I know international shipping is very costly. I doubt I’ll be drawn as the early birds (comments) rarely gets the worm. 🙂

  19. Shelley dionne Says:

    I like the fresh look of the roses in your pictures and on your clothing. Oh, if I were only a few sizes smaller I would have that dress!! 🙂 It would be so fun to sew with your fabrics!

  20. Carrie P. Says:

    Oh, I think Walter is a cute little dog.
    A great giveaway. thanks for a chance to win the beautiful fabric.

  21. Amy Says:

    Cabbages & Roses evokes such lovely memories of my grandmother. I would love to win a bundle.

  22. Bernie Says:

    Beautiful Fabrics. would love to win!

  23. Nancy Farrier Says:

    I would love to win the fat bundles! I love your material.

  24. Yvonne B Says:

    I love roasted almonds too! The Northcote Range fabric bundle looks so dreamy!

  25. Nancy D. Says:

    Walter’s pic is sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Gwen Windham Says:

    Oh, how happy I’ll be if I’m one of the lucky winners!!! Those fabrics look like they’d be *perfect* in my guest room— so I know that I could find a beautiful project to use them in— maybe a nice throw for the end of the bed— or lovely scarves for the dresser and chest of drawers— or maybe a beautiful valance over the window…… maybe all three? 🙂 Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win such a fantastic prize!!! Love reading your blog! 🙂

  27. Lori M Says:

    How pretty your fabrics are! Lovely Lovely! Sure hope Mr Random number picks me!

  28. Pat V Says:

    What a sweet dog :0)
    Love the fabric and thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Privet and Holly Says:

    This interview was almost as
    sweet as the lovely fat parcel
    of gorgeous fabrics you are
    giving away {pick me, pick me!}.
    Fun to see that you live in a
    way that is just like your books,
    which I adore, by the way : )
    xx Suzanne

  30. Nan Says:

    Riding the trans-Siberian is on my bucket list too!
    Your fabrics are just beautiful.
    Thank you for offering a give-away.

  31. Brigid Says:

    I’m a sucker for roasted almonds, too. I love your blog.

  32. simone Says:

    Lovely to read about you and to see your lovely fabric. And funny, making such beautiful fabric and not having made a quilt yet. I read that regularly, so I am starting to get used to it. But, I guess my fabric world is small: fabric + thread = quilt (o:

  33. Sherry Says:

    I would love to win your beautiful fabrics. It was fun to read a little about you. Roasted almonds are one of my favorite snacks ever.

  34. Jo Hand Says:

    Thanks to Moda for introducing me to your fabulous blog and shop. I love your designs. I haven’t seen your fabrics in the stores yet so the only way to get them is to win them! Hope it’s my lucky day.

  35. Gretchen Says:

    Love your new line of fabrics–just beautiful. I think Walter is just the cutest. Those eyes just melt your heart!

  36. Colette Says:

    I love your style! Your new fabric line is perfectly “me” and perfectly british country style!! Thanks for sharing in the Moda Country Fair!

  37. Lesliebee Says:

    Your photos are as beautiful as your fabrics. I’d love to win a fatquarter stack. And your dog is darling!

  38. Pati Akers Says:

    Love, love, love your fabric line!
    It’s no wonder you’re successful…these are beautiful. I’d love to win your giveaway.
    Texas, USA

  39. Zuzu Says:

    Great interview ~ LOVE your answers, especially “56&3/4”. 🙂

    Please drop my name in the giveaway hat – I am a huge fan of Cabbages & Roses!

    ~ from A Cottage In The Woods in Colorado, USA

  40. Rosemary Says:

    …i have been waiting for the arrival of your fabric line in the US.
    being a l-o-n-g time admirer of your lovely style, it would thrill me to no end to receive these fabrics to play to my hearts content:)
    xo, Rosemary

  41. Maureen Haynes Says:

    What a beautiful group of fabrics!!! I would love to win some of them!!

  42. Lou Says:

    It was so much fun to learn a little bit about the woman behind this great company! I agree with you: to the sea we should go. Although, I live in a pretty great place in the meantime (Colorado). Thank you for the chance to win. The fabrics are beautiful.

  43. Kathy B. Says:

    I think Walter Gilbert Strutt is simply adorable (especially decked out in his fluffly neck gear!) Thank you for a chance to win a bundle of your fabric. I promise to put it to great use. (Perhaps is there are some scraps left after projects, I could make a stylish neck tie for my basset hound, Buford!)

  44. Julie Says:

    I love your fabric – it’s so beautiful! I would love to win. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  45. Caroline Says:

    Love your fabrics. Beautiful pictures on your blog.

  46. Robyn Brown Says:

    What a lovely blog and such beautiful fabric. And I think Walter is just precious too.

  47. MollyP Says:

    Beautiful work, ladies. I just love your open, airy, vintage style. I’m so glad you’ve joined Moda so I can appreciate you better.

  48. Pat Bandura Says:

    Loved your answers to the questions. Also love those fabrics. I need to come by to check out this blog more often

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    Walter has the sweetest face…precious! Would love a chance to win your fabrics. Thanks!

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    So glad to see your fabrics with Moda – absolutely lovely!!!

  51. Carla Says:

    your fabrics are so lovely! Thank you for the chance to win.

  52. Susan Says:

    What lovely fabrics, and great fun getting to know you via your answers! Thanks for the insight!

  53. Shannon Says:

    Loved reading the Q & A and seeing the beautiful pictures. Your nightside table looks dreamy and I must pick up your new book asap!

  54. Sharon S Says:

    Love your blog. Such a pretty place to visit!

  55. Phyllis Says:

    I love the fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. MarciaW Says:

    I’ve been checking reviews of your fabric collection across the net and think they are lovely. Your photo essay is what originally caught my eye, especially the first two photos. Thanks for a chance to enter the giveaway. And, congratulations on the honor of a visit to your new store in Japan by such a high ranking British official. Perhaps I’ll win a bundle! Thanks and best wishes. MarciaW USA

  57. Carolyn Crandall Says:

    Oh how I love those fabrics. I’d love to win and thanks for sharing.

  58. Pom Poms and Polkadots Says:

    This fabric reminds me of simpler times and leisurely days. I love how they model the flirty skirts with boots and especially like the lovely garments on the clothesline. I have been a fan of Cottages and Roses and would love to visit one of their shops! The ideas for winning this fabric are overflowing!!

  59. Katie S. Says:

    Thanks for sharing! P.S. Your dog is so cute!

  60. cityquilter grace Says:

    a sea soulmate indeed! i too would love a home at the sea, even though we live quite close at the moment. and it’s true, one doesn’t have to make quilts to love fabric!

  61. Paula B. Says:

    I hope that bundle shows up at my door step!!!

  62. madam quiltsalott ~ Linda Says:

    Love all your answers, but I think you little dog is so cute, and looks so lovable. Love your answer about TIVO, all that stuff makes me dizzy, so I have no idea what it is either.
    Your fabric looks so comfy, just makes me want to make a big quilt to cuddle up in. Thanks for a chance to win some.

  63. Nancy Andrews Says:

    Your work is such a lovely inspiration! Thank you and I will be checking in with your blog!

  64. Deb Says:

    Beautiful fabrics…I’d love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  65. Patti S. Says:

    I think that your nightstand is beautiful. Your fabrics are lovely, thanks for a chance to win.

  66. Marjan Says:

    Your blog is nice and I would love to visit your shop.
    Hope I am the lucky one to win a bundle, have a nice day.
    Marjan The Netherlands

  67. Deb Diedrich Says:

    Love all the things on your night stand. I just love your fabrics, would love to win!

  68. Denise W Says:

    Your fabric line is very dreamy and romantic. How sweet it would be to design with. Thank you for sharing.

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    I’m so excited about this fabric!!! I want it!!!

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    Would love, love, love the chance to win those gorgeous fabrics.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Lovely fabric and lovely blog. This is my first time visiting here and I will make it a point to come back to your blog. Thanks for sharing all the ‘info’.

  72. Shelly Says:

    Happy to have found your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I was at Quilt Expo yesterday and saw some fabric in several quilts that looked just like this – I loved it! I’d be thrilled to win!

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    Love those fabrics and I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to win!

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    Your fabric is stunning, thanks for the chance

  76. Joanne Says:

    Such beautiful fabric! Thanks.♥

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    Thanks so much for the chance for the gorgeous fabric bundle!!!

  78. Heartsdesire Says:

    Enjoyed your Q & A. I always find it interesting to see what the designers have to say. Your Northcote collection is so beautiful, very vintage looking. Also love the photo of your bedroom, so pretty.

  79. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    My sister has 3 Jack Russells – they’re rarely still enough to take an unblurry picture. I’d love to win the fat quarters. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. Maria Grazia Says:

    Thank you for so gargerous fabrics.!! I love them so much !!!

  81. Becky Says:

    What a cute dog!
    Loved reading your answers to the questions.
    The fabric is pretty too!

  82. Lynelle Says:

    Love your new line of fabrics–just gorgeous!

  83. geany Says:

    Oh, what a lovely and sweet bed side table! Lavanda is my favorite color and scent bring coziness to any room!

  84. Connie Martin Says:

    I would love to win your beautiful fabric. Good luck with the house by the sea!


  85. Ann Jacobsen Says:

    Love Love this fabric and your beautiful style.

  86. Deborah A Says:

    I absolutely adore your new fabric and have many porject ideas that would be perfect made with Northcote Range. I hope that my LQS will carry your line so that I can stock up. If I am lucky I can start early with this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  87. Tammy Says:

    I would love to win the fabric….That is JUST my style and I am soooo in love with this line. Tammy

  88. Julie T. Says:

    Your blog is so serene. I can’t believe your dog stayed still long enough to get a picture with the bow!

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    I have to say, I love love love your fabric and I hope it’s not the last line

  90. Martina Says:

    Such lovely fabrics! Would love to win!

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    I enjoyed reading about your shop in Japan. How fun. Thank you for sharing, this fabric you are giving away looks so fresh and clean.

  92. Diana Leavelle Wylie Says:

    Love the fabric, and just for the record I don’t own a Tivo either so I don’t Tivo… LOL

  93. Pauline Says:

    luv your ‘Northcote Range’ fabric and a house by the sea would be wonderful……I would luv to be your neighbor. Thanks for sharing your country fair thoughts and for the chance to win some ‘Northcote Range’… is even prettier than when I first saw it at Quilt Market just gorgeous!!!!

  94. Debbie C Says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  95. ruth Says:

    Great fabric/

  96. Becky S Says:

    I enjoyed reading your interview-and I think your dog is adorable! Thanks for the great giveaway. I would love to win some of your gorgeous fabric!!!

  97. Kim Says:

    Do you know what TiVo is? It is a way to save TV shows to watch later…..yeah I know me neither but I asked my daughter and she knew :0). Thanks so much for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics. I enjoyed having a peek into our world too.

    Happy Sewing

  98. Sally Says:

    Walter is quite a handsome fellow, and patient to pose in dress-up. I love the Northcote prints. Thanks for the chance.

  99. so we added chickens Says:

    I concur with your fried comment – Of course my husband would say Everything! Cheers!

  100. Marianne Says:

    Just beautiful fabric and I think Walter Gilbert Strutt is so very cute and actually quite handsome. Please tell him I said so!

  101. Annabelle Says:

    I adore the Northcote prints, so pretty and girlie. The washing line with the pantaloons made me smile and thank goodness for ‘smalls’ as with 4 children there wouldn’t be much room for the rest of the washing. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win

  102. Marianne Says:

    Wow! That are really lovely fabrics…I would love to be the winner of those! You never now…;-)
    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  103. kerry Linklater Says:

    So glad you are designing quilting fabrics! I love your stuff!!!! I really hope I win!!

    Kerry L.

  104. Pegg Macko Says:

    I love subscribing to your blog. Down to earth and very pretty! I need more of that in my life. Thanks for the beauty.


  105. Amalia Says:

    Oh, Christina ! Thank you so much for confessing not having ever done a patch. Procrastinators do feel less guilty when they read that.
    We have something else in common: a pope in the family ! Mine is Lorenzo Corsini, pope Clement XII (1730) who also only left us history.
    Anyway thank you for your inspiring philosophy of life and if ever you’d like to walk Sir Walter Gilbert Strutt in Paris…

  106. Laura K Says:

    Oh such beautiful fabric! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  107. Jane Says:

    What a beautiful blog, your pictures are lovely, your fabric is gorgeous,(would love to win), and Walter is very handsome!
    (Not sure he is happy with the bow though!)

  108. DONNA Says:

    Your fabrics are lovely, a beautiful collection. I am fascinated by your bucket list!

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    I would love to win the fabric bundles!

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    Your Jack Russell is adorable – I have a not-so-cute-dog but she makes up for it in personality. Love your new line!!

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    Love your fabric – and the best thing about TiVo is that when one watches the program (movie) later, one can fast-forward through all the advertisements!

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    I love Northcote! That first picture is classic, I probably have enough pictures of my sisters and I in dresses (including prom dresses) and rain boots to fill an album. Now I want to go round them all up and make copies for birthday gifts.

  120. Diane Ruby Says:

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    I just love your designs, and am so excited to have fabric that represents your designs. Beautiful Fabric!

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    Oh that fabric is SO wonderful. And Little Women is also one of my favorite movies (all three versions!) and was a book I read innumerable times as a girl. Along with Little Men and Eight Cousins. I wish someone would offer me a house by the sea as well. 🙂 Thanks for letting us into your world for a while – and for the chance to win.

  123. Sarina Says:

    Your shop looks so quaint and lovely. I’d love to visit someday. Thanks for the chance to win! The fabric is beautiful

  124. Linda in PA Says:

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    Yours is one of the fabrics this year that has really jumped out at me from all the rest. it’s beautiful.

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    Love the clothesline, always makes me think of when I was little and mom hung out the linens. Beautiful fabrics, thanks for participating in the hop. I’ve marked your site.

  127. Rose Says:

    I’m so glad you are in the Country Fair Hop as I’ve learned of another Moda designer! I love your fabrics – I wish I could have lived in the 1800’s and worn long, beautiful dresses made out of your fabrics. I would love to win one of your prizes. Thanks for the chance.

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    Yes, please!

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    I love all of your pretty florals!

  141. Laura G Says:

    I have been a fan of Cabbages and Roses for quite some time. I am delighted to see that they are pairing with Moda and are easily available in the US. Thanks for the contest.

  142. Cheryl S. Says:

    Loved reading your answers and getting to know you a little bit. Thank you for taking part in the blogging fun.

  143. Lara Says:

    Please tell Walter to pick me as the winner of that beautiful fabric!

  144. Jane Says:

    Love those fabrics! (And your bedside table – I wish mine was so tidy!).

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    Amazing work girls, i love you beautifly style.

  147. Patsy Jensen Says:

    I love the fabric and also reading your blog.

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    Hello, would love to win some of your beautiful fabric x

  149. Dell Says:

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  150. Elaine Power Says:

    Hee Walter is sooo cute, love the first picture of the girl wearing boot’s in that pretty dress, sounds like you are having heaps of fun (& why not). The fabric bundle is a great giveaway I have my fingers crossed. Happy weekend! 🙂

  151. Tammy Edwards Says:

    LOVE! your pictures, LOVE! your fabrics(thank you for a chance to win) and I am soooo IN LOVE with Walter. He looks quite handsome in his scarf. One of the things on my bucket list is to visit your store :0) Have a wonderful day!

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    The fabric looks lovely…keeping my fingers crossed!
    Karen in Breezy Point

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  159. Gail Says:

    Enjoyed your comment and the fabric is lovely.

  160. Barb Says:

    I have a little dog just like yours (called Belle) except she’s black and white with a grey snout and nearly totally blind with old age but still such a puppy at heart.THanks for the chance to win such lovely fabric 🙂 Barb.

  161. Sarah Says:

    a truly lovely post – the dresses, your nightstand, the Northcote prints … and I think we’re very close to the same age!

  162. Wendy Says:

    I think your dog is cute, and your fabric is lovely.

  163. AmberCA Says:

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  170. Di Says:

    Your fabric is lovely
    Your style is luscious
    You make the world beautiful

  171. corinne Says:

    I love the first photo, hanging up clothes. What a beautiful collection, what a beautiful quilt it would make, thank you for the chance to win.

  172. sherrym2 Says:

    Thank you so much for a chance to win a bundle of the Northcote Range fabrics, they’re gorgeous!

  173. Cindi P. Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful fabrics! I love your answers too, we need to remember we are part of a huge world… and now I have added the transiberian train trip to my bucket list!

  174. GLYNIS Says:


  175. Carolyn Says:

    ohh pick me for the lovely fabrics!!

  176. michele Says:

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  177. Tracy Says:

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    Love the prints-

  178. simplypatti Says:

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  179. Avon Bingham Says:

    I too would love a house by the sea but would settle for a bundle of fabric, at least for now! :}

  180. Brenda Says:

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    Your range of fabric is so pretty, thanks for the chance to win it.

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    I wish I could go to Japan (on my bucket list) and visit your shop there.

    Please enter my name in the giveaway.

    trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

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  231. Jordan Durbin Says:

    dear mrs. random generator,
    I have loved you for so long from afar. I never dreamed you would care about me, though. I’m still not sure, but I’ve decided that if we never take chances, we will never find out if we were meant for each other. If there’s any hope for a relationship between us, please, pick me!

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    Thank you, take care, Leslie

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  344. Lei Kaina Peters Says:

    Such beautiful fabrics. I would love to create something special with them. Mr. Strutt is a cutie patootie. And I agree with you on a house overlooking the ocean. That is on my bucket list, along with a trip to Aotearoa (New Zealand.)

  345. Donna Says:

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    Joan C

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  371. Carol H. Says:

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  373. Deborah from Valparaiso Says:

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  375. Kate R Says:

    Ha – I would love to be asked that same question 🙂 I live in Tokyo so am excited to read about your shop here. I look forward to visiting it!

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  377. Parthena Wollen Says:

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    Love the fabric

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    I hope to win!
    Thanks for the chance and the wonderful giveaway!!!

  383. amy dame Says:

    i’m so jealous of your “wireless”, it’s very cool looking! i have to admit, i’ve only ever heard that term in books, so it was cool to see you use it!

    your fabrics are so lovely, thank you so much for the giveaway! the colour range would be perfect for the quilt i want to make my grandma!

  384. Jess Says:

    Wow, thanks for the giveaway, your fabrics are gorgeous! Have been wanting to sew a quilt for my Grandma and it would be perfect 🙂

  385. Liz Mouse Says:

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    and I think the dog is cute!

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  396. Celine Says:

    Your fabric look absolutely yummy. I would love to win it. Congratulations on your visit from the British Prime Minister from a French lady living in Britain!

  397. Meredith Says:

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  398. apple blossom Says:

    Moda Country fair hop has been sew fun thanks for the giveaway.

  399. Mary Kastner Says:

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  400. Beccy Says:

    Your beautiful fabric reminds me of my gramma putting my hair up in rollers wearing my pink rosebud nightgown as a girl. I felt so beautiful and glamerous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful fabric with us!

  401. SueAnn W rom Richmond Says:

    oh it took my computer so long to find this page I hope I can still enter!

    I liked the fabrics I saw.

    It must have been nice having the PM visit your shop

  402. Larissa Heskett Says:

    What a fun post!! Sure like all of your photos~~your fabrics seem peaceful and the colors are so BEAUTIFUL!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  403. Julie Sackett Says:

    What a sweet bundle. Would love to have that here at home. Thanks,

  404. Annaleena Says:

    Lovely fabrics. They are so beautiful and romantic.

  405. Kristy Says:

    i don’t even sew but with this fabric i just might learn. it’s so lovely.

  406. Vee R Says:

    These fabrics are so lovely. Beautiful colors.

  407. Karen O Says:

    That fabric is really lovely. I am new to your designs – love them!

  408. Anne Says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! I’d love to win!

  409. Connie Says:

    Beautiful fabric, would love to win it! Thanks!

  410. timberlandsjs Says:

    Beautiful fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  411. Beth Says:

    The fabric is beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win some.

  412. Sandie Says:

    Would LOVE to be chosen as a winner of the fat quarter bundle! Have been looking everywhere, but cant find your line anywhere! I’m moving and want to use it in my sitting room! (All my own … a place to escape! YAY!)

  413. Sandy Says:

    I love your fabric, it is beautiful.

  414. SWarren Says:

    I would love to win that beautiful fabric 🙂

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