Diary of a Cabbage – Christina

Because we at Cabbages & Roses are rather getting into this blog malarchy, we thought it might be interesting to have a monthly spot called ‘This week I wore…’

My turn first, and this is the week that I had to leave sunny England to go to Tokyo and a round of parties (well, two parties) celebrating Cabbages & Roses first shop opening  in Japan.   This was sadly postponed from March when the events were cancelled because of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

My iPhone weather department tells me that it will be both sunny and hot and rainy and cold.  I HATE PACKING. Always short of space, and always pack totally unsuitable clothing – we’ll see how appropriate (or not) it was.


Saturday morning, June 4th, 6am.  

Not sure how to make the flash not work – feel it will be a little feature in this particular blog.

Black jeans from Jigsaw, extremely comfortable and stretchy, flat Marc Jacobs shoes (from TheShop at Bluebird), Cabbages & Roses swirly hem coat (available next winter) so useful, cool, floaty and washable.   Stripe cabbages & Roses t shirt casually tossed around the shoulders!


Flew British Airways (I LOVE British Airways – so cosy and safe and English and a bit like the BBC Radio 4) to Tokyo.  

Sunday (I think)

Dinner with friends at ‘the best chinese restaurant in Tokyo’ – luckily one floor below my bed in the Hotel Okura.   I forgot to take a photograph of me wearing what I wore, so here we are next morning, photographed without me in it.

Patched Vintage denim jacket from Cabbages & Roses and red and white gingham dress with white long sleeve t shirt dress underneath. All of the above available next summer from Cabbages & Roses. (note to self: find red gingham)



Meetings at Innocent offices, a visit to Daykanyama and our own little shop.

Luckily a sunny day (so far) I am wearing the white long side button skirt, white crumpled jersey plain empire top and swirly panel cotton coat.   The skirt available now from Cabbages & Roses – the fabric a random mixture woven together, of various weaves of white cotton with the occasional blue and grey stripe – I found this fabric in Paris in a heap on the floor of an exhibition, it was meant as a sample of all the fabrics the mill was able to produce, I asked for them all to be woven together for us and here it is. The coat is available in Linen this summer, and in the button skirt fabric next summer.

Shoes – as always white plimsolls from Cabbages & Roses. They need to be washed, but not sure how to explain to the hotel laundry that they can go into the washing machine and forgot to pack more… An absolutely entirely Cabbages & Roses ensemble!



Meetings and looking at a new department store.   Not sure what the weather is doing as can’t open window, and don’t believe iPhone. Grey sky. So, blues.

I am wearing the blue amos dress worn over blue stripe t shirt with kat crop jeans (can’t do up button so relying on zip!), and for further distraction a stripe navy&white t shirt and blue stripe t shirt (from autumn winter collection) with the blue stripe woven scarf from spring summer around my shoulders. Another absolutely entirely Cabbages & Roses ensemble.


Party at British Embassy, so wore Christina dress – lovely floaty chiffon affair with animal print – it is still undecided whether the creatures on this fabric are monkeys, dogs or foxes – it was originally called the monkey dress.   Designed to wear to Kate-my-daughter-Strutt’s wedding last August, and it turned out to be the most perfect garment for so many occasions, especially when ‘teamed’ with a worn denim jacket and of course plimsolls – luckily a new pair was purchased from Cabbages & Roses Tokyo shop! It survived the two parties of the day, and was photographed substantially by the 40 journalists who attended our Embassy Party!


Hooray! No parties, no particular engagements, just a tour of potential department stores that will carry our delicious brand. I wore favourite Ralph Lauren baggy jeans (fashionably fraying and torn in just the right places) with heavenly Frances shirt dress, with white swirly panel coat (SS11) – and of course, white plimsolls.


One hour’s sleep then bus to airport still wearing, I am afraid, yesterday’s clothes! Due to time differences and being in a complete sleepless spin, turns out that I am still wearing this lot another day later when I arrive in England – can’t begin to work out how many hours the poor Frances dress has been on my body, it has certainly travelled many miles and crossed several time zones.

Next month, another Cabbage will reveal their weeks’ worth!!



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14 Responses to “Diary of a Cabbage – Christina”

  1. Monica Lee Says:

    You are darling! So cute to blog your outfits for travel! Packing IS hard! And you looked marvelous!

  2. marcia Says:

    Christina, I love your style. Everything is just adorable! If I had to take pics of what I was wearing to special events, everyone would be bored with it. You on the other hand could pick out clothes for me everyday! Marcia

  3. Rachel Schindler Says:

    I totally agree about packing. How am I suppose to decide what I am going to where 2 weeks from now? When usually what I do most mornings, is stand in front of my closet trying to decide what I should wear that day! Love this post! My favorite is that last one, ripped jeans and that lovely white shirt! I need one of those. Please Please tell me where I can purchase one?

  4. Angie Tackett Says:

    I love all of your outfits. They look great on you. The swirly hem coat is really nice.

  5. Laura G Says:

    Christina I love your clothing selection What is fascinating is how a English country style with an vintage vibe looks perfect with a Japanese modernist look. It also demonstrates how great style always looks great!

  6. Jill Palumbo Says:

    Adorable! Love your outfits. Keep up the “what I wore” posts – we love ’em! My favorite combo is blue and white so you are right on track.

  7. Lucy Says:

    Love this post of your outfits, all are so so inspiring. The red gingham dress looks like a life changer can;t wait to purchase next summer ! I am already planning my outfit for work tomorrow, new C&R dress bought in archive sale teamed with old cotton uniorned shirt bought from slightly less beautiful place the carbboot !

  8. theclothshed Says:

    Love your outfits…..i was at a Embassy party in Paris last weekend and wore an oatmeal vintage French chemise, white linen pants, and caramel stripe cropped jacket…..all nice and crumpled….quite the C&R look too.
    Julie x

  9. Filly Says:

    Everything you are wearing looks wonderful – such lovely style

  10. Kathi Brewer Says:

    Love the look…..love the blog…..love the journey…..
    Thanks for taking us with you!


  11. Baikisu Thorlu-Bangura Says:

    Love the clothes Christina you are a star met you in the archive sales and I love I can’t wait to purchase the red gingham dress fab.

    so love the Granny classic look of you item keep producing limited fab clothes for us….


  12. gretchen Says:

    please keep this feature! it’s more than fun to see the amazing C&R clothing layered and worn together for different occassions, events and just confort! if it isn’t easy to wear, what’s the point? and you proved that quite well here.
    any chance there will be a store in the states anytime soon? and may i suggest Portland Oregon???

  13. lana Says:

    My wardrobe is now a staggering 90% C&R….Life’s too short for wasting another day wearing something you don’t love….
    Cabbages & roses are like a glass of bubbly first thing in the morning, they add that spring in the step even on a heaviest of mornings 🙂 !


    I can’t wait for the winter pinstripe coat and red gingham dress, please don’t forget to buy some , dear Christina!!!!

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