Cabbages in America

During our extraordinary trip to America last month, Kate and I met one of those people, who on meeting there was an instant connection.

The person in question was Kaari Meng someone who’s work I had admired for a long time, not least because I get emails weekly from Amazon telling me that the people who bought our book HOME MADE VINTAGE also bought FRENCH GENERAL, and it was thus that we became competitors without even having met.

Cabbages & Roses

She was chic and cool and her area of our shared exhibition was effortlessly beautiful.   Ours – a little crowded, a bit muddly and hastily put together.   When we met, not being one to hold back, I told her that she had been a thorn in my creative side ever since commencing work with MODA United Notions, as quite a few things that I had wanted to do, had already been done by FRENCH GENERAL!   All those perfect stripes, the beautiful ribbons on wooden reels the heavenly French fabric…… She wrote a dear blog piece about our meeting on FRENCH GENERAL BLOGwhich exactly mirrors my thoughts!   Have a look. The exhibition was beautifully organised by MODA – a three day extravaganza where Cheryl and Lissa made us feel as if we were an established part of the MODA family, and not the inexperienced ‘new girls’ that we were. Our range of fabrics designed especially for MODA,will be available from September this year.




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9 Responses to “Cabbages in America”

  1. Modern Country Style Says:

    That’s a REALLY thoughtful blog post. It’s lovely to see the human side of such a successful business as C&R.

    I have both books, and I love the way they complement each other so well. I’m glad each has a place on my bookshelf – but I have a special place in my heart for Cabbages and Roses!


  2. Janet (Shabbyfufu) Says:

    Can’t wait for your fabrics to be available here in the US!
    Janet at Shabbyfufu

  3. louiseeuwer Says:

    Am thrilled I can buy C and R fabric here in the States in September!

  4. Privet and Holly Says:

    I can’t wait until your
    new American range is
    available! Hooray! Sounds
    like a fabulous show. Glad
    that FG made you feel at
    home : )

    xx Suzanne

    • Cabbages & Roses Says:

      Hi Suzanne Yes, it was a wonderful show, and we met so many lovely people too. Please make sure to let your local fabric store know about the C&R line with Moda so you have plenty to sew with this Fall. xx C&R

  5. Bev Says:

    I can’t wait. September is my B-day month and that would make a lovely gift 🙂

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