To all our internet customers…

We are delighted with the response to our new all singing all transactional website, thank you for all your orders.

 However, we are getting quite a few ‘where is my order’ e mails.    This is why:

This is our warehouse, distribution centre, forklift truck, wrapping and packing machine, computer printout operators, stock finding systems, telephone operations, complaints department, post room, human resources, retail outlet,  customer service call centre etc. etc……..


This is Cabbages & Roses.   These are the ladies who keep the shop looking beautiful, serve our lovely customers as well as all of the above. So we ask you, please bear with us if your order/refund/query is not answered immediately.    We are still small!!!


Hattie, Lauren, Violet and Holly xx


14 Responses to “To all our internet customers…”

  1. Tracie~My Petite Maison Says:

    Love the beautiful photo. Small is definitely good. I’m sure each order is handled with kindness… good luck, lovely ladies!

  2. elyse Says:

    rock on! an order from c&r is always worth any wait.


  3. elyse Says:


    could you all be any cuter? adorable.


  4. Susan Says:

    And aren’t you lovely in those outfits and big smiles? Much nicer to order from a company of real people where the people matter as much as the clothes and wait a day or two longer. x

  5. Audrey Says:

    Ladies, you all look so lovely! Internet can be tricky and people tend to forget that they are interacting with actual human beings sometimes… you say things with a lot of elegance and I am sure everyone will agree that your wee team does things with love and care… a pretty rare quality nowadays! Keep up the great work!!!
    By the way, your aprons are amazing!

  6. Marie-Claire Kingman Says:

    Hello all, i just had to reply to let you know, like so many above, the best things in life you sometimes have to wait a little longer, but hey, it’s definately worth it. Who else packages and deals with customers with such sweetness and honesty, keep going as you are and those who are alittle impatient…. life is too short to grumble. Keep Smiling,
    With thanks as always
    Marie-Claire #

  7. Rosa Says:

    Most adorable staff ever!

  8. Jami at Freckled Laundry Says:

    Oh, awesome! I didn’t realize C&R was so small. Very cool. Makes everything seem more personal.


  9. Sherry Smyth Says:

    Fabulous photograph — your shop and your staff all look amazing…I would so love to be able to be there in person!

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