Store Opens in Japan




in spite of all they have been through

our Japanese partners


have managed to re-create


in our new shop


Shibuya-ku Tokyo 〒 150-0033 26-8

Sarugakucho Sanfuratto IF


Business Tel.03-5728-1818)

11:00 to 8 p.m.



We congratulate them, and we thank them and truly


we could have been there


The English Cabbages & Roses














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10 Responses to “Store Opens in Japan”

  1. Marcia Says:

    What wonderful, encouraging news. Our family has had a rough week (see my latest post) so it is inspiring to read of this great news about Japan!

  2. elin Says:

    Congratulation:)So many beautifuel things in the shop…

  3. lynn Says:

    It looks really inviting and pretty, I wish them lots and lots of super sales and lovely customers, best wishes
    Lynn xxx

  4. Lynne Says:

    A breath of fresh air…how lovely!

  5. Monica Lee Says:

    Theses photos are just so beautiful!

  6. Monica Lee Says:

    Computer glitch,oops!…I meant to add these photos AND this space turned out just so lovely, everyone must be very proud…

  7. Axelle Says:

    Beautiful !!! no other words to say !
    Any plan to open a shop in Belgium ?

  8. Sandy Says:

    I wish you lots of luck with the new store, but when are you going to open a store in the United States? We love C&R over here 😉

  9. Mar Bailey Says:

    I so love your shops and clothing. They makes me think longingly of my time as a Laura Ashley store manager in the U.S. I surely miss those lovely, romantic clothes, and how wonderful you felt wearing them. Any chance coming to the Denver,CO area? My best to all.

  10. Rose :: Says:

    wow. this is in one of the best parts of town. kambate kudasai! i hope your new shop goes well.

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