Antique fairs are a necessity to keep the stores nicely suited with unique and one of a kind furniture, and accessories.  This week we visited a normally enormous fair, but the desolate weather had kept a few fair weather friends at bay: We had a great time but got stuck in the mud!  We thought it would be amusing to show you the lengths we go to to keep the stores looking lovely……..

(hint – turn your volume up!)




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5 Responses to “Tractor”

  1. lana Says:

    That reminds me of our language school in Reading early days when two days before our first group of students arrived my husband and I (with our two little ones running around the only classroom we were trying to clean and decorate) needed to clean this horrible (appeared never to have been cleaned until then) Victorian sash window which to my horror could only open about 8 inches. I was so determined to clean it from the outside I squeezed through … 6 months pregnant!

  2. lana Says:

    And another tought…I think your clothes reflect all the passion you put into them: from the butterflies in your stomach when you opened your new store to the tractor hauling extravaganza….

  3. Ruth Says:

    Well instead of this kind of adventure you could visit from the comfort of your warm office and buy one-off, unique items for your stores from me!!

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