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  1. Tracie~My Petite Maison Says:

    Beautiful! Can’t help but smile and feel Christmas. My great-grandpa Stewart was so proud of his family tartan. Love these & memories they bring back for me. Off to take a store look.

  2. branding, inc. Says:

    Tracie, What a heartwarming message…we love it. Happy memories and have fun shopping. C&R xx

  3. Krista Says:

    Oh how lovely. 🙂 This makes me feel all warm and cozy and happy, like I’ve stepped back in time to the perfect Christmas.

  4. Adele Says:

    What is it about tartan that gives such a Christmas feeling?? I don’t know but Im love love loving it!!
    Maybe its the image of cosy nights by the fire with a blanket to keep out the draughts and a Scotts terrier by your feet?
    Love the berry red coat-I wonder if I’m too late to make a big hint about it for my wish list…..x

  5. Privet and Holly Says:

    Yum. I love tartan.
    Must be the British side
    of my heritage!!! These
    are gorgeous….
    xx Suzanne

  6. Lorie Says:

    I think the minute it turns chilly outside I want to wear and touch flannels and wools. The tartan is just right for all of this. I love your company, so feminine and lovely. xo Lorie

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