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Love Bakery

LOVE BAKERY by Samantha Blears

Just over a year ago Samantha Blears opened the Love Bakery on London’s iconic King’s Road.  The shop has quickly built up an incredibly loyal following and the local community has taken this independent bakery to its heart.  If you wander down the King’s Road you won’t be able to resist popping in.  Displays of pretty cupcakes in the window, framed by the candy pink and green stenciling on the shop front, catch the eye and draw in the crowds. It’s magical – from the sparkles on the cupcakes to the jars of Love Hearts on the dresser, from the postcards on the mirror to the pink Roberts radio, Love Bakery is the perfect place to hang out with your friends, take a coffee at the bar and have some fun.

Now in her new book, Sam reveals her recipes for the many different treats that can be found in the bakery.  Find out how to make her cupcakes, love pops, love shots, cuptails and whoopie pies; discover fabulous hidden flavours such as the Peruvian Bear Cupcake’s secret marmalade centre; be inspired by her fantastic ideas for co-ordinating party themes and tips on how to decorate your offerings with minimum fuss and maximum style.  Sam encourages you to let your imagination run riot:  using her moodboards, just-in case store cupboard and glittering decorations, you can easily create your own versions of her much-loved cakes. Take the fear out of baking, replace it with fun and sparkle and you’ll find there is nothing more delicious as a cupcake baked from the heart.

Visit the equally beautiful website

Or to get your own copy of this book click here

Now just got to choose which one to make first….this book even looks good enough to eat…




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  1. Privet and Holly Says:

    I will most definitely
    check this out, as
    it’s not in the budget
    this year to pop over
    to London directly and
    visit this amazing-sounding
    shop!! Love the pictures.
    xx Suzanne

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