September Rays

Catching the Last Rays of British September Sun

Cabbages & Roses decided that since we had missed out on playing rounders again this summer we should throw out some left over tweed on the grass, grab some fruit salads, crisps and chocolate brownies and lashings of lemonade, we plonk ourselves down to eat the cheese & pickle and ham & mustard sandwiches Amy kindly made up for us all.

We ate until our little bellies were full and rolled on back to the office for a lethargic Friday afternoon of work… We all perked up with a bit of loud radio and the delivery of some lovely hand knitted hats- though they are sadly a reminder that winter days are almost upon us… at least we will look adorable in our woolly hats.



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3 Responses to “September Rays”

  1. diane Says:

    Love your blog and seeing your young and pretty faces prompted me to write this. My 22 yr old daughter wants to move to London in Jan to live with a friend. Obviously she needs a job and any advice you can give an American moving to London about finding a job (not a career) and fitting in. Any advice?

  2. Privet and Holly Says:

    Sounds divine!
    And look how adorable
    you all are, living it up
    on a wonderfully sunny
    English day!
    xx Suzanne

  3. branding, inc. Says:

    Dearest Suzanne,

    Outings like these are a must have, they rejuvenate the soul. Don’t you agree.


    C & R

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