Christina takes us behind the scenes to a Cabbages & Roses catalogue shoot.

Day 1

Early start for Autumn Winter 2010 catalogue shoot.    CMS had to drive ancient vintage Morgan to location – it is beautiful but it is like driving brittle broken bones – my legs are too short to reach the pedals so sit like a nervous old lady on a folded blanket.   Driving my little car at the end of the day is like driving silky mousse in comparison.

Weather exactly as we wished it to be – dull cloud and drizzle – fortunately England is so cold the location is still in winter garb.   A grand and stately building 40 minutes from H.Kew.   Millie Simmons is our model again and is quite perfect – sweet and uncomplaining.   Violet Buchanan – hair and make up – the best I have ever worked with and just back from doing Paris fashion week.  Toby Knott – photographer with his assistant David and the Cabbages team – Linda, Jackie, Amy and Sophie.    Day goes smoothly owing to efficient preparation beforehand – a first in cabbages history!   Need to catch up tomorrow – five pictures short!

Day 2

Another early start – unfortunately weather beautiful, sunny and warm – not what we need for autumnal shoot.
New Model, Annalise from Australia – again sweet, charming and breathtakingly beautiful.   Amy and Sophie efficiently left us breakfast, lunch and tea which sadly we ate throughout the day –  grazing unconsciously.  Toby Knott (photographer) on a roll and took perfect picture after perfect picture – Dave his assistant expertly whafting fog in the direction of each location.   Between Toby and Annalise they made the new collection utterly desirable (to me anyway!).  Violet Buchanan did wonders with hair and make up and Linda and Jackie made the whole procedure effortless (to me anyway!).

A shoot just as it should be – a lot of happy people making beautiful images.

Back to the office late – all tired but wearing smug satisfied smiles.

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