Over the course of the next few months we will be following the lovely Kate Strutt as she journals about her upcoming wedding, a true Cabbages & Roses wedding.

The proposal deck

We need to catch up with Kate, who has been diligently documenting her journey to the altar since February, when she became engaged while on a romantic holiday in Thailand.

17th February 2010 Thailand

Got engaged in Thailand! SO exciting, so much to do!! WOOOHOOO!

Beautiful Thailand

26th Feb:  Dubai

Asked my 1st bridesmaid who wants to wear Nike silver high tops with her dress… Now that a few people know its all becoming more of a reality

27th Feb: Rainy London

We sold the flat before we went away, so are returning to the rain and the cold  but we are lucky enough to be staying in a beautiful flat in Knightsbridge (a far cry from the gritty East of London) until we can move to our new place in Bonnington Square. So much is going on at the moment! House move and wedding in the same year!

Its an amazing flat on the top 2 floors of an old building full to the brim of art and china, almost a home from home.

6th March Bath

Brook Cottage

Go home to lovely Brook Cottageto begin wedding planning. Its going to be in the garden, and the church service in the old family church up the road, then just have a beautiful party in the garden, good food, good company and beautiful old tents. So happy its going to be in the valley at home.


I really want to see if we can get vintage china tea cups for everyone to drink out of…..

Set the date for August the 14th.  Started a bit of a fall out as a few people can’t make it.  Perhaps we can do another post wedding wedding!

Family is coming from all over the world, Washington, Holland, France…….

Bridesmaid dresses have to be C&R and all in white. There are 9 in total, so a massive gaggle of girls, all in converse (or high tops!)

Most important thing is to do the list and try to gage how many people will be coming, so invitations are a priority.

Week commencing 8th March

The office is chaos. There is so much going on here, focusing on catching up from 2 weeks away, Japan, PR, the daily grind, websites, new collections and last weekend it has dawned on me that August is far too close for comfort….

We have a new managing director who we are waiting to start, hopefully he will manage to bring some order to the madness.

Try to book appointments to see wedding dresses in spare moments. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! There seems to be a sub world of bride mentality which seems unfriendly and unhelpful.

For reference, if you want to get a dress made by a bigger designer, for example, booking an appointment at Selfridges or Brown’s brides, the waiting lists are huge, the service rude, the prices high and the timescales long.

Also trying to figure out catering quotes and need to measure tent space in the garden to accommodate about 200 people, and desperately hope it doesn’t rain.

20th March: London

Thankfully a day with Christina; who has sacrificed a weekend at home to come to London to help look for a dress. Perfect day out to spend some normal time together.

Its so alien to be looking for a wedding dress, where do we go? What should it look like? We tried very hard in the usual places, got very lost and confused: but being cabbages we gravitated towards vintage.


It was the end of an arduous day and we ended up at Virginia in Notting Hill. Its is a treasure trove of the most amazing pieces of lace, petticoats (not necessarily wedding dresses!) but this felt a lot closer to being right than any where else we had been. Virginia who has run this place for nearly 4 decades was amazing, and the care she takes over her collections made it such a special voyage in the basement of her immaculate den.

It should take months to find a dress so the luck of finding a (piece of) a dress was immense; Still, it doesn’t fit around me and the skirt is completely see through! Lots of work to do, lots of imagination to use, but to be able to create your own dress is incredibly appealing.

27th March

Organising a wedding, moving house and a more than full time job has meant we have had to come to terms with the fact that something may have to give. Very luckily our friend Rob gave us a tip off and introduced us to Mickey……thankfully this means we don’t spend thousands of pounds on a tent, and gives us a little bit of room to play! He has very kindly agreed to use his immense contact book and knowledge and is an angel.


Holland to see some of the new family, lovely!

Week of the 5th April

Chaos! AW10 shoot commences, INVITATIONS ARE TAKING FOREVER: getting too late on the day.

Order under petticoat, should arrive on Friday, but need to get thinking about the dress and what we can do with it!

7th April – Into the office @ 7.00 am LONG day!

Maids of Honor decide to come to Kew (after getting lost, arrive at about 8 pm) to look through C&R archives to see if they can find their dresses. I have found beautiful off white silk to make all the bridesmaid dresses from and sift through the archives to show them a few choices…..

Couple of bottles of prosecco and takeaway pizza and a LOT of chatting later and they try on and choose their dresses, they look beauty! Going to adapt the parachute dress for them and they can wear with petticoats undernea

Brook Cottage Garden

th…. (as modeled by my beautiful sister in law to be)

10th April: SUN! at last, work hard in the Brook cottage Garden to try to begin to make it ready for a wedding…..so satisfying to have a day in the garden!

11th April: We have a freak out about wedding dress. To restore it means to have a white dress, and its too much! So at the last minute we run up to the Vintage Wedding Fair in the 20th Century Theatre on Westbourne Grove to see what we can find in the mosh pit of terrifying brides. Discover the most amazing Edwardian skirt and also a heavily embroidered top bit (so fragile) so we are going to have to pick the skirt apart and lay over the petticoat and find a corset to attach the other bit to.

I was so sad to not be able to use the other dress but this has certainly softened the blow….. the other one is incredible, and I am going to seek out a loving home for it! Perhaps see if my brothers bride to be likes it!

Stay tuned, much more to come…




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  1. Emma Says:

    Dear Cabbages and Roses,
    I have just discovered your beautiful blog, such a sweetie of a blog. It is so lovely to hear the secrets behind the C&R team and I can so understand Kates worries when organising a wedding, I have one coming up next Summer, Keep putting it back as I never seem to have the time to organise it. I will look forward to watching Kates develop
    In my hunt to find ideas i came across this beautiful blog, full of inspiration, it is so worth a little visit, maybe it may help


    I look foward to following lots more on your fab blog
    Emma x

    • cabbagesandroses Says:

      Dearest Emma

      Thank you so much for you delightful comments about our blog. We so very much appreciate it. I will share with Kate the blog that you mention, its really lovely. Oh, and congratulations on your impending marriage too!


    • branding, inc. Says:

      We’re so excited to have our very first giveaway, which we just posted. If you have a moment please check it out.


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