Meet the Team – The Lovely Kate

In our second Cabbages & Roses “Meet the Team” posting, we introduce Kate Strutt, daughter to Christina, and Business Development guru.

1. Your Position & how long you have been a part of the C&R team – on and off since the beginning (stuffing catalogues into envelopes in our little nursery @ home) then to the shops as a Sunday girl in our old Ledbury Rd shop while I was trying to be a publisher after university, then after BEGGING to work in the office and writing a mammoth report on how to develop the business and finally being allowed to join on a full time basis setting up wholesale and being the office dogsbody! Now I am business development person, and occasional troubleshooter!

2. Why did you join C&R? – A belief in the brand and its potential, respect for the company (its founder, members and collective vision) and a strong desire to make sure that it goes from strength to strength while trying to ensure its special gentle nature is protected.

3. Your favorite part about being on the C&R team The people, the buzz, the stress!

4. Your favorite piece of the Spring/Summer line – Do I have to choose?? !! At a push, Delilah tunic (10% goes to lovely Maggie’s cancer caring centers) and its floaty, perfect for everywhere (beach, night out, in the office) comfy, and perfect for over jeans (my staple wardrobe = dress over jeans)

5. Best place to:

  • Best place to buy vintage – Berlin and Amsterdam flea markets (so much random junk from the cold war in Berlin!)
  • Best place to eat out – Gugelhof, Berlin (Clinton dined there I think) cosy, delicious food and wine, old school service. Or the Argentinian place on Broadway Market Buen Ayre (amazing!)
  • Best place to let off steam – Brook Cottage in the garden, or Amnesia, Ibiza the Cocoon night on a Monday followed by paddling in the sea in the North of the island.
  • Best place to shop after Cabbages & Roses (obviously) – I rarely shop anywhere else apart from markets and random vintage shops, but love to visit + look at Anthropologie, Far and Few between and Shakespeare and Company Book shop in St Germain (I stayed there for a week or two when I was down and out in Paris and was given a bed in return for working there) amazing stacks of ancient books in a wonderful old building.

6. One thing we don’t know about C&R – How much love goes into it! The chaos that somehow produces this amazing brand…….the laughter that keeps us all going

Who will be next?  Visit tomorrow to meet more of the Cabbages & Roses team.




4 Responses to “Meet the Team – The Lovely Kate”

  1. Elaine Power Says:

    What a great sounding company & the Delilah dress looks fantastic would be great for out here in QLD Australia Elaine 🙂

  2. kate Says:

    Hi Elaine, you can order on line and the shop will post it to you!

    Thanks for lovely comment,

    Kate Cabbage

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