Meet the Team!

As with every successful company there is always an amazing team behind the scenes, and Cabbages and Roses is no exception.  Starting with Christina Strutt, founder and creative goddess of all things Cabbages & Roses, we will introduce you to the dedicated team that has built this quintessential English Country brand.

We asked the same questions to everyone but its always so interesting to see the answers.



Introducing Christina

1. Your position & how long at you have been a part of the C&R team – Creative Director/mother figure.   One fifth of my life.

2. Why did you join C&R? – It joined me one day ten years ago, it fell into my head and hasnt left yet.

3. Your favorite part about being on the C&R team – Being on the C&R team.

4. Favorite piece of the Spring/Summer line – Me being me, the lovely figure hiding dresses especially the lilac print Brenda Dress and the red stripe Linda Dress and the frances dress.   If I were twenty years younger, twenty pounds thinner – every single piece.

5. Best place to:

  • Best place to buy vintage – Ardingly antiques fair in Sussex
  • Best place to eat out  – Petersham Nurseries in Richmond
  • Best place to let off steam – my vegetable garden
  • Best place to shop after Cabbages & Roses (obviously) – Egg in Kinnerton Street, Moloh in Tetbury, Bluebird on the Kings Road, Farmers markets, Merci in Paris.

6. One thing we don’t know about C&R

  • That the entire caboodle is created/produced/marketed/distributed/ by eight people
  • That we laugh more than we don’t
  • That we don’t know whats happening more than two days before it happens (mostly)
  • That if we won the lottery we would probably still go to work

Tomorrow’s Meet the Team will be Kate Strutt, Christina’s daughter.


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